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Edwin Rivera

Service Request:

Mr. Edwin Rivera sought to enhance his living room's aesthetic appeal while optimizing privacy and light control. He envisioned a seamless connection between the interior and the outdoor backyard area, centered around the swimming pool. Our task was to fulfill his desires through our top-notch window treatment solutions.

Our Solution:

In collaboration with Mr. Rivera, we curated a tailor-made solution that perfectly suited his needs. Our team crafted elegant roller window curtains that complemented the living room's decor while ensuring effortless operation and optimal light filtration. To establish a harmonious flow between the indoors and the backyard, we installed door-side curtains that exuded sophistication.


Our custom window coverings not only added a touch of luxury to Mr. Rivera's living space but also offered practicality through enhanced privacy control and UV protection. Now, the indoor window coverings seamlessly integrate with the outdoor scenery, providing a visual treat from both sides of the doors and windows.


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